Holy in Honolulu

Monday morning I spent a little time wandering the streets of downtown Honolulu. Not far from my hotel was St. Andrew’s Cathedral. I always enjoy the chance to peek in at an Episcopal church, and the doors of this cathedral stood open to welcome all visitors. This means that as you enter and then look back at the magnificent stained glass you also see the world beyond — in which and to which we are all called to share a bit of God’s love.

Standing before the Hawaii legislature is a stature of Fr. Damien. I like how he keeps a watchful eye over those who approach. Standing in front of the Supreme Court is a statute of King Kamehameha, credited with uniting the islands under a single monarchy. Finally I also saw Iolani Palace, once the royal palace.

Later in the day I boarded the Ovation of the Seas, the ship that will bear me over a 19-day journey ending in Sydney, Australia. But not just yet. We remain docked in Honolulu only leaving at 10 pm on our second day. This will give me an opportunity to join a photographic tour later today. I had signed up for a sunrise tour but was switched to the later tour when apparently I was the only person interested in beginning an activity at 5 in the morning.

One thought on “Holy in Honolulu

  1. Gary, I have enjoyed your posted photos. Reminds me of my trip to Hawaii earlier this year with Leighton and Harper and their parents. All surely enjoyed our time on the big island. Please say a prayer for our hosts Fritz and Jacquelyn as Fritz recently had a stroke. He is also a USNA graduate and retired USMC LtCol who married Raley’s older sister. Continue to enjoy your trip. We miss you but glad you’re having a good time!.

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