Monday morning I was on the Queensland Rail The Spirit of Queensland for an overnight journey south from Cairns to Brisbane. This gave me hours to watch the passing landscape (even spotting a kangaroo!), enjoy the sunset, enjoy the sunrise, and even enjoy a decent night’s rest and a refreshing morning shower.

I spent Tuesday wandering through parts of Brisbane, including a quick pass through the Botanic Garden and a wander through the Southbank Parklands. Here they they have a long arbor covered (mostly) in wonderful purple blossoms. Families and more gathered at a series of swimming spots that offered sandy beaches and a view of the skyline.

As there was no line I went up on the Wheel of Brisbane for great views in an air-conditioned gondola (this was very important as the temperature today rose to 90 F / 32 C!). After that a quick visit to the Queensland Museum where I met Mutt, a dinosaur discovered in Australia in 1962.

After that I had a very nearly private (and free!) guided tour of the Queensland Art Gallery and its collection of art classic and contemporary; European in flavor and clearly Aboriginal in origin.

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