Day 6: Touring the Lake District

Lake District

I went on an all-day “Ten Lakes Spectacular Tour” with a local outfit called Mountain Goat. This was a great way to see lots of the Lake District, often by way of roads I would be wary of driving — even if the steering wheel were on the American side of the car! Towards the end of the day we visited one of the many stone circles found in Great Britain (the most famous, of course, being Stonehenge). This circle, the Castlerigg Stone Circle, is about 4,500 years old, according to the guide. Were the stone circles used for religious purposes? social gathering places? as astronomical markers? some combination, perhaps, of these? Or were they used for purposes we simply can’t imagine? 

Luggage update: I received a text message in the middle of the night that one of my two bags had been found and would be delivered. It seems the airline found the bag filled with donated goodies for South African kids. Good. But I’d still like the other bag; you know, the one with MY stuff in it. And silly me: for reasons that defy reason I packed my camera battery charger in the checked luggage. Replacing socks is easy; finding a battery charger for Nikon EN-EL 14 batteries is a bit more of a challenge in Ambleside. But — praise be! — Amazon delivers to Ambleside, and my new charger should be here on Monday. (Which reminds me: I pray you all have a wonderful Labor Day!)

One thought on “Day 6: Touring the Lake District

  1. It’s nice to know that the airline delivered the most important part of your luggage. We wouldn’t want to disappoint those children.

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