Day 15: On Top of the World

Gary on top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Gary on top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

On my last full day in Cape Town I visited Table Mountain which today, as it is most days, is draped by its a tablecloth of mist. You take an aerial tram to get to the top, arriving on the end which (today at least) was mist-free. The views from the top of this flat mountain were impressive. That being said, it seemed time for another “selfie” (though, to be honest, another tourist actually took the picture, not me). 

This afternoon I went to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden which, while not quite yet in its prime (as spring is just starting here in South Africa), was beautiful all the same. Saw a number of flowers, particularly a number of examples of proteas, that I’d never seen before. A great day for sightseeing, followed by a trip to a shopping mall recommended by one of my hosts here at the B&B at which I’ve been staying. The place was huge, and I was able to replace a few more things that were in my checked luggage including some work gloves, some shorts, and a tripod. I’m saving up quite the pile of receipts for British Airways!

Which brings me, inevitably, to today’s LUGGAGE UPDATE. Digging a little deeper into the tracking info available online it seems my luggage has been taking a very interesting journey. Originally handled by US Airways (taking it from Memphis to Charlotte and on to Washington), it then moved to British Airways who got it (eventually) to London. After both bags were finally located they were then handed over to CityBags for delivery. But since they weren’t found on the same day, they were treated as separate deliveries. And, apparently since the bags were to be delivered outside of London, CityBags then handed the bags over to APC Overnight for final delivery. So the current whereabouts of my stuff still remains a mystery! And since I’m leaving Cape Town tomorrow morning, I can’t imagine I’ll see my bags again this trip. But hey, I’ve gone two weeks already without them, so maybe I get along the whole trip!

Tomorrow I plan to visit the towns of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, both well known for winemaking. Then off to Hermanus where whales are often seen very near the coast before arriving in Gansbaai for the evening. I’m driving a tiny Chevy Spark that does fine in city driving but seems reluctant (or at least is noisy) when it comes to highway speeds. Could be an interesting drive!

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