Day 17: Man in Black

Ingrid, a great white shark off the coast of South Africa.
Ingrid, a great white shark off the coast of South Africa.

Long day: out by about 7:30 to meet the group off the see sharks, then 4 1/2 hours driving to Oudtshoorn, then a three-hour dinner. Long, but definitely good!

First, the sharks: as you can tell from the photo above, they swam right next to the boat, inches (if that!) from the cage. And, yes, I got in the cage and was close enough to pet a couple of these beautiful beasties. Close enough — but resisted the temptation. So I still have all my fingers and all my toes!

Next, the drive: another drive through beautiful countryside. The first part took me through rolling farmland, then yet another stunning pass and into terrain that very much reminded me of parts of New Mexico.

Finally, the meal: while driving to and through Oudtshoorn on my way to my B&B for the next couple of nights I passed a few ostrich farms. Little did I know that I would be dining at the B&B on a meal that included ostrich steak. It comes across like a very lean version of beef. The steak was served as a part of a three-course meal that included bobotie, a South African specialty. 

Anyway, after a long day, I’m going to be brief today and go to bed. My day tomorrow starts when I leave about 6 am to meet my meerkat tour. So today’s entry is brief. There’s not even the usual LUGGAGE UPDATE (in part because I have nothing to share)!

Wondering about today’s title? Well, we all had to don wet suits (the Indian Ocean is COLD this time of year!) to get in the shark cage, so here’s a bonus photo of a man in black:

Man in black
Man in black

One thought on “Day 17: Man in Black

  1. Did they give you a flashy thingy? That would have been uber cool. Item #1 on my list of things I HAVE to hear more about when you get back and we have a chance to talk is the sharks! You were close enough to touch and you wrote so calmly and briefly about something that must have been one of the coolest things you’ve ever done!!! Need details! Looking forward to a meerkat pic tomorrow!

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