The (Long) Road to Hana

On Saturday I embarked on the Road to Hana, a storied drive famous for its many twists and turns (more than 600!) and numerous one-way bridges (over 50!). Along the way there are any number of fantastic hikes, breathtaking views, and awesome waterfalls. I followed a tour on my phone, using an app called Shaka Maui. This was the third time I used this app, and I found the directions clear and the guidance invaluable.

Specifically, the app told me about all the sights worth seeing, giving me enough information to know whether I should want to stop — or not. Very helpful!

This had the effect of turning a two-hour drive from Kahului to Hana into an all-day affair, and I didn’t even get all the way to the end of the tour! Very worthwhile, yet very tiring. Still, one of the most rewarding exhilarating days of travel I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing.

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