No Monday blues for Gary…

(…because there was no Monday at all this week!)

When I went to bed last night it was Sunday. When I woke this morning it was Tuesday. During the night we crossed the International Date Line. Normally when you change time zones you have to adjust your watch an hour forward or backward. At the Date Line, however, the adjustment is a full 24 hours — an entire day. So I’m writing this at 8 am on Tuesday at sea while it’s 2 pm on Monday in Dyersburg.

Anyway, I’ve not posted recently because I’m still in the middle of five days at sea. In a couple of days we’ll stop in Wellington, the first of our New Zealand ports, before a final two days at sea and arrival in Sydney on October 20 (which will still be the 19th for most of you reading this).

Yesterday being Sunday I attended Mass again led by Fr. Mark. I have also taken time every morning to read in the New Testament and for some journalling. The former is useful for what I hope are obvious reasons. The latter will be useful as a record of my journeys — quite helpful as I no longer remember things as easily or accurately as in the past.

Today the high is expected to be only 55° and it’s currently overcast with choppy seas. And life is very, very good, even with a day gone missing!

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