Kangaloola: Part Three

A Day Off / New Friends Made

At nearly the end of my time at Kangaloola, the volunteers had most of a day off. We were driven to nearby Beechworth, a charming small town that once was part of a massive gold rush. This gave time for the four volunteers at the time to chat, eat, visit, eat some more, and deepen our bonds. I was joined by Annika (from Sweden) and Patrick and Sabrina, siblings from Sweden. I was glad to call them my friends.

I was also deeply blessed to get to know and work with Glenda Elliot, founder and director of Kangaloola, and Emma, a long-term volunteer from Sweden who is Glenda’s right-hand and who worked most closely with the volunteers. Both these women work non-stop, hardly ever slowing down. And yet one afternoon when we were awaiting some much-needed rain, but of them actually sat still for a few moments.

Finally, Kangaloola enjoys tremendous support from Chris Lehman. He coordinates with the Oceans to Earth organization that sends volunteers (like me) to Kangaloola; he also responds to reports of injured or abandoned wildlife.

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