Melbourne: Part 2

Melbourne is home to a quickly rising skyline — as well as alleyways filled with art. Why? Well, commissioning artists (or permitting them) went a long way to resolving a problem with graffiti. And the result is quite cool. I spent the better part of an afternoon wandering up one lane and down another. Other lanes are more known for cafes offering a wide variety of affordable, delicious meals and snacks.

On my way to the Royal Botanic Gardens I had to walk past the Shrine of Remembrance at which Aussies who served and lost their lives in military service are remembered. The building is quite large and well-designed. You can ascend a viewing platform which offers great views of the city. On the day I was there (Nov. 10) a memorial service was being held in the plaza below the memorial.

Next: my visit to the Botanic Gardens and an evening with Little Penguins.

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