Great Ocean Road: Signs

Here are two of my favorite signs I’ve seen in Australia. And then there’s the third — not one of my favorites.

On the Great Ocean Road at almost every exit from a parking area back to the highway I saw the first sign. Clearly, this is an area that sees lots of tourists.

I saw the second sign more than once, and I couldn’t help but wonder about what is it with guys named “Cliff” in Australia? And who’s warning anybody about any unstable “Garys”? Just wondering…

And then on my morning at the Twelve Apostles I saw a sign directing me to Gibson’s Steps which promised a beach-level view only 30-60 minutes return (or “round-trip” to translate that into American English). Right. So I hiked along a nice enough path for about 20 minutes to find I had arrived at a car park. A car park! I could have driven to the steps!! Oh, well, I’d come this far, so I continued a short way down the path before seeing this lovely sign. Among the words that came to mind was, “Really? Really!?” There were other words, but I’ll let you fill in the gaps with your imagination. Seems to me that the sign directing me to Gibson’s Steps might also have (1) told me I could drive to the top of the steps and (2) notified me, by the way, that the steps were closed. Oh well, I can always use a little extra exercise, I suppose! (According to my Watch and iPhone I only covered 10.8 miles that day and climbed the equivalent of 40 flights of stairs.)

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