Cairns: Under the Sea

Today, Wednesday, after finishing my duties at the Turtle Centre, I joined Vanessa, a volunteer from Germany, for a couple of snorkeling sessions off the beaches of Fitzroy Island. This time of year, however, the waters have been known to host rather small jelly fish with an outsized sting. Apparently a sting requires an airlift to a hospital where the patient spends three days in horrific pain that even morphine won’t relieve. Yeah, so swimmers are advised to wear these stylish “stinger suits” which cover you from head to toe. At least wearing this thing meant that I didn’t need to apply any sunscreen on this beautiful, sunny day.

Anyway, the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef are home to an amazing array of fish and coral. These pictures utterly fail to do justice to the color and variety of the sea life, but I’m posting them anyway — so there!

And I’m left to wonder: is there a restaurant here in Cairns that will be serving a turkey dinner tomorrow?

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