About Gary Meade

Gary Meade
Gary Meade

Welcome to Gary’s blog, a place for him to post photos from his sabbatical in 2014, a three-month journey that will take him from Memphis, Tennessee to London and the Lake District of England. Then on to South Africa, with six weeks as a Photography and Conservation Volunteer at the Thanda Game Preserve, followed by a couple of weeks in New Zealand and a quick breather in Honolulu before returning to mainland USA.

One thought on “About Gary Meade

  1. I’m loving your pictures from London. Sam and I took the Thames River cruise to Greenwich in Sept. 1999. The London Eye was under construction and I wrote in my diary ” They’re building a big Ferris Wheel on the Thames and it’s an eyesore.” I didn’t know it was for the Olympics. We went pub crawling on Fleet Street after that. Have fun!

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