Day 12: A new day; a new continent

Lion's Head as seen from Signal Hill in Cape Town, South Africa
Lion’s Head as seen from Signal Hill in Cape Town, South Africa.

After an overnight flight from London I arrived in South Africa today, changing planes in Johannesburg before landing in Cape Town. I checked in at a lovely B&B near the ocean and set off to explore. I meant to take a road to Table Mountain, the majestic geological structure that dominates the Cape Town skyline, but ended up driving to a lookout on Signal Hill. The above photo shows the peak known as Lion’s Head. If look closely you’ll see some colored dots to the right of the peak. These are some of numerous hang gliders who take advantage of what I assume are the area’s usual breezes. 

A visit to the the Victoria & Albert Waterfront followed. This area has a huge shopping mall, numerous restaurants, and countless other opportunities to spend your money. And I did. On the spur of the moment I took a sunset cruise around the harbor. We saw some seals and a beautiful sunset. 

And now for the daily LUGGAGE UPDATE. As I reported yesterday, my bags had apparently not yet returned from their trip to the Lake District in time for me collect them before yesterday’s flight. After arriving in Cape Town I spoke with the local service that handles baggage issues, and they have promised to pursue the matter and to let me know what’s going. We shall see. In the meantime, I bought a new pair of sandals (well, Crocs, really) that look like slip-on sneakers. After wearing the same boots for 11 days and developing a persistent sore spot on a my right foot’s littlest toe I thought some new footwear was in order. Besides, I’ve been told (more than once) to keep my receipts for whatever I need to purchase so that British Airways can reimburse me when I conclude my trip. Oh, yeah, that sounds like another airline promise! Well, I’m keeping the receipts anyway. 

Tomorrow I think I may go see some penguins. Later!

3 thoughts on “Day 12: A new day; a new continent

  1. Penguins? How much fun will that be!! Was the climate change dramatic going from tail end Summer to tail end Winter? Will you have to buy a jumper or jacket if your luggage doesn’t catch up soon? Still loving these blog posts every day. Have fun with the penguins tomorrow and just explain that you aren’t able to match their black tie attire thanks to BA, 🙂

  2. Never thought I’d be praying for luggage to arrive, at least not mine! Hope the three of you meet up SOON! Your photos have been beautiful and the blogs so entertaining. It’s almost like you are still with us in hot, muggy Dyersburg!

  3. I am so loving your post and find myself looking forward to tomorrows adventure. Thank You. And it appears you are having one great trip. Your post have adventure with all these photo’s…who knew Africa had Penguins….and then the suspense with the luggage….your writing a novel for all of us to enjoy. Hope your plot twist includes the delivery of your luggage before you return to Dyersburg. Until your update tomorrow…God’s Grace be with you and your travels…Mark

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