Day 13: Wild Life (no, that’s wildlife!)

A baboon at Cape Point
A baboon at Cape Point

Enjoyed my first full day in Africa with a drive to Cape Point, one of the most southern points on the continent — and probably as far south as I’ve ever been. Throughout the area are signs warning folks not to feed baboons as they are wild and can be dangerous. This one didn’t seem so dangerous, though he and his buddies did hold up traffic for a moment. I must admit, however, that I kept the car windows safely rolled up!

Later I did indeed see some African penguins. Some thousands have made themselves home in the area, though I only saw a dozen or so. As I was leaving the beach with the penguins, a gentleman asked if I’d seen the whales.


Yes, there there three whales off the cost, just hanging out. They were far enough away to look just like dark rocks rising out of the water. But rocks don’t move like these did. Cool! If the man hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t have realized there were whales to be seen. 

LUGGAGE UPDATE: Okay, so this is getting ridiculous. On a whim, I checked the website for the carrier that attempted to deliver my luggage to the Lake District hours after I had left the Lake District. Seems they are still trying to deliver my bags to some address in England. While I admire their persistence (and perhaps they only get paid for a successful delivery), I do wish they would do what they agreed to in an email sent to me DAYS ago and simply return the luggage to the airline so the airline can put it on a plane to Cape Town. As I’ll be leaving Cape Town on Tuesday morning, I’m rather doubtful my luggage will ever make the trip. And I am most sorry for the donations of toys, games, and supplies that are in one of those bags. 

Tomorrow I plan to attend services at St. George’s Cathedral, the Anglican Cathedral in town. This was, of course, Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s cathedral. I then plan to visit Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years during the era of apartheid. 

Thanks for reading my humble blog and for sharing your comments!

Bonus photo (to prove I really DID see penguins in Africa!):

Cape Town20130906 101

2 thoughts on “Day 13: Wild Life (no, that’s wildlife!)

  1. I had just seen a House Hunters International from Cape Town with Lion’s Head prominently featured when what to my wondering eyes should appear! What a magnificent view! Loving the blogs!

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