A Quiet Day in Albuquerque

The “Roberto Special” from Sadie’s Restaurant. Oh, yeah!

Hey, since the very word “sabbatical” implies a measure of sabbath rest, Saturday was a quiet day. Nice hot bath. A little shopping (and bought 3 shirts at a nice discount). Was driving to get a sandwich (or maybe a slice of pepperoni and green chile pizza) at Dion’s (a local restaurant with locations around the Duke City but certainly not in Dyersburg!) when I realized I was driving past Sadie’s, a New Mexico restaurant I have enjoyed for many, many years. And so I had to stop in. And I had to order the “Roberto Special,” a plate of papitas (fried potato cubes) on which is a hamburger patty covered with chile con queso. Oh, and a side of pinto beans covered with cheese and diced onions. Yum, yum, and again, yum! My spirit was enlightened even as my arteries were constricted.

Tonight was my 40th high school reunion. This was the first I’ve ever attended. Twenty-two of us were there, just over one quarter of our class. One fellow even flew in from Geneva where he works with the U.N. I recognized one person on sight. My ability to remember names was as pitiful as ever. And I could recall few of the stories shared. I guess when I left high school I really left high school. Glad I went, even for curiosity’s sake. And while my memories of high school are largely positive, I experienced little nostalgia for days gone by. Perhaps I’m more interested in days yet to come — not to mention this very day.

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