Sunday: Church & Family

At the Cathedral Church of St. John in Albuquerque.

Started my day with early worship at St. John’s Cathedral, where I was baptized, confirmed, ordained as a deacon, ordained as a priest, and served for the first five years of my ordained ministry. Loved seeing a few old friends. Also, it was nice to simply be a member of the congregation there to worship and responsible for nothing else!

After church had lunch with dear friends Patty and Michael. So good to have time for a leisurely meal and spirited conversation.

Dinner tonight at Mom’s (and Charlie and Julie’s) home with most of the extended Meade family gathered for hamburgers and hot dogs. I was so blessed to see everyone and to share in a time of good food, warm laughter, and familial love. Oh, and it’s amazing how my nephews and nieces are growing so quickly!

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