Sunrise to Sunset

Tuesday, my first full day in Hawaii, and what did I do? I woke up by 3 am to be on the road by 3:30 to travel the road to a viewpoint on Haleakala — the elevation up to about 10,000 feet (about 3,000 meters), the temperature down to the low 50s (about 10 celsius). Brr! I arrived about an hour before sunrise along with a few dozen others. The time was magic as the first glow of dawn slowly arose before the sun finally broke through. Pretty fabulous!

Later I walked along a few different trails to viewpoints and to visit a nearby grove, comprised mostly of trees brought in from outside Hawaii. (Why? Long story…)

Sunset back at the condo was not particularly spectacular as the sun disappeared behind clouds. Later, however, I realized the sky’s colors became quite glorious. Alas! I had already put away my camera. Lesson learned: I shouldn’t judge too quickly.

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