A Quiet Day in Maui

So this was my view for much of today. I started with a 5-minute walk down the beach and then across the street to a local bakery that serves malasadas, a kind of Hawaiian donut. Then onto a lounger for much of the day. Except for leaving for a sandwich made with kalua pork and a serving of shave ice this describes my day: Read, nap, swim; read, nap, swim. Yeah, a most energetic day!

Later I headed out to Wailea, just south of where I’m staying in Kihei. Everything seemed very tony and high priced. For example, I found a restaurant with burgers that cost more than $20. Found Coconut’s Fish Cafe instead where I had (I think for the first time every) fish tacos. The idea of “fish” and “taco” appearing in the same sentence — much less on the same plate! — always seemed a bit odd to me. My loss. These tacos were delicious!

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