Welcome to Sydney!

My 19-day cruise ended Sunday morning as we sailed into Sydney Harbour, gliding past the incomparable Sydney Opera House and the majestic Harbour Bridge. Getting over 4,000 passengers off a ship takes a while; it was the only time I really felt crowded. Even when I was off the ship I had to drag my luggage (well, at least this time I still have my luggage!) uphill a block because my Uber driver couldn’t get to the designated pickup point because of all the traffic. Yikes!

After that, I checked into my hotel, dropped off my bags, and set about exploring Sydney, Australia. As taxis and Ubers would be expense to use regularly, I bought an Opal card, used when taking local trains and busses. There’s a bus stop a short block from my hotel that takes me pretty much anywhere I’d like to go.

As recommended by a couple of new Australian friends, I headed for the Royal Botanic Garden. Wow! It’s huge and filled with plants, flowers, and lots of lawn where families and friends gathered on a glorious, sunny, warm Sunday afternoon. I also visited Government House, taking a tour of the home of the crown-appointed Governor of the state of New South Wales.

Later I took a guided tour of the Sydney Opera House. This place is amazing! I’ll be back here on Tuesday for a performance of “The Marriage of Figaro.” (Hey, what better way to experience the Opera House than to, you know, see an opera here!).

Got back to my apartment around sundown, after a long but quite wonderful day.

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