Great views, high & low

On Monday I went to the Harbour Bridge (see yesterday’s post for a photo). I had booked a BridgeClimb, a three-and-a-half hour experience unlike anything else I’ve experienced. It starts, of course, with getting to the gathering point, easier said than done. Especially when I get on a train — okay, it was the right train, I just boarded one headed the wrong direction. So glad I allowed some extra time to get there!

The preparation for the climb is quiet detailed, including a very flattering jump suit, harness, hat, lanyard for sunglasses, even a hankie. We were not permitted anything else: no camera, not even a watch! With all the cars and pedestrians below, I suppose that only makes sense. Fortunately, our excellent guide also took pictures. The climb ascends some 1,332 steps until we were nearly 440 feet high. As you would imagine, this offered a pretty spectacular view!

After a quick sandwich in a lovely neighborhood known as the Rocks I hopped on a ferry to Manly whose beach was recommended by many locals over the more well-known Bondi Beach. As you can tell from the photos, the beach, while scenic, was pretty empty. I’m pretty sure there were more seagulls than people!mThere were a few hardy souls in wetsuits doing a little surfing, but not a lot of folks. I didn’t stay long as I was pretty tired (can’t imagine why!). The last picture shows water for all: a drinking fountain, a refill spot for water bottles, and even a bowl of water for the pups. Cool!

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