Touring Sydney

Enjoyed a hop-on hop-off bus tour of Sydney today. Saw Bondi Beach (which also had some cool murals), various buildings (including the underside of the Harbour Bridge), stopped at a Chinese Garden (and made a new friend), visited St. Mary’s Cathedral, and wandered through Hyde Park.

Then, on a friend’s recommendation, I had booked dinner at Bennelong, a very nice restaurant inside the Sydney Opera House. One of the options was a “bay bug.” It’s a kind of shellfish native to the area, like a mini-lobster. Anyway, the bug was delicious. After dinner, the opera: “The Marriage of Figaro.” I was excited to be here, but frankly a little too worn down after three full days of touring (not mention a full meal and a lovely glass of Sauvignon Blanc!), and I too soon found myself dozing. Yikes! I did stop short of actually snoring. I hope!

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