St. Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide

Today being Sunday I went to St. Peter’s Cathedral for the 8 am service. Like so many Anglican churches (including, of course, my own Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church), the early service is offered without music other than the glorious traditional language that of the oldest Books of Common Prayer.

In addition to the expected exterior shots, I’ve also included a picture of one wall of the nave which occasionally is used as an art gallery. Then there’s a picture taken looking straight up the tower that rises above the chancel. Finally, there’s a traditional rose window (above the front door of the church) and a more contemporary window, known as the Magdalene Window, installed in 2001. The brochure on this includes the following description:

The Magdalene Window acknowledges and celebrates the role of women in the Scriptures, in the history of the Church, and in the forefront of social change in South Australia. It was designed by David Wright, a glass artist from Melbourne, who used the inspiration of Mary Magdalene and the women at the empty tomb for this spectacular window.

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