The Ghan: Train trip of a lifetime

Late today I completed a three-day, two-night journey on the The Ghan, a train that runs from Adelaide in the south of Australia all the way north to Darwin. This thing is massive: 38 carriages, with four lounge and dining cars, one set for every four or five passenger carriages. It stretches 902 meters (or 2,960 feet — just over a half-mile) long! It’s so big that it’s split into two sections for boarding in Adelaide then the two halves are joined just before beginning the journey of 2,979 kilometers (or 1,851 miles).

I had a single cabin with a comfy seat at day and an almost comfy bed at night. All food and beverages are included in the fare as are excursions at stops in Alice Springs and Katherine. I’ll share some photos on those in my next post.

This was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Great scenery, amazing food, exceptional service, and the company of some warm and wonderful traveling companions all made this a unique experience.

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