Ubirr: Ancient Rock Art and More

Wednesday I arrived in Jabiru, the largest town in Kakadu, and checked into the Crocodile Hotel which is shaped just like — wait for it! — a crocodile. Appropriate as the area is known both for “salties” and “freshies”, two kinds of crocs. Signs in the area warn against swimming in the area.

I then headed to Ubirr, host to a collection of rock art, some of which is 20,000 years old, and the spectacular views from a lookout. The rock art was pretty cool, but just as I arrived at the lookout dark clouds appeared on the horizon. And they were headed our way, accompanied by thunder, lightening, and rain. At least the pesky flies left me alone, and the temperature, which had climbed to 101° F dropped a bit. I was soaked in minutes, and eager to get off a high point amidst the lightening.

So I didn’t see the sunset I expected from Ubirr, but on the 40-minute drive back to Jabiru I was treated to a final burst of color as dusk descended into dark. Back at the hotel I replaced soaked clothes with dry and headed to the hotel restaurant for an excellent dinner of chicken and bacon with pasta and a creamy sauce. Yum!

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