High Points in Kakadu

Thursday I enjoyed a one-hour flight over Kakadu National Park. By car one can see barely one percent of this huge reserve; flying allowed me to see up to 30% of the various landscapes: rivers, escarpments, wetlands, and forests. Pictured here is the East Alligator River — a name given by an early explorer unaware that the local crocodiles are not the same as alligators found elsewhere. In just a few weeks the river should be full and indeed overflowing into the various flood plains. Towards the end of the flight we passed over my hotel for my stay in Jabiru: the more aptly named Crocodile Hotel.

After my flight I headed to a hide at the Mamakala wetlands which was loaded with birds. I also spotted a couple of wallabies who hopped away before I could take their picture.

I then headed to Nourlangie, home to some ancient rock art as well as a pretty good lookout. As the temperature had reached a high of about 105°, I then headed back to my hotel and a refreshing dip in the pool. Ahh!

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